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Pipe Organ Repairs & Services


At Whitesel Church Organs, we specialize in building, repairing, servicing, and tuning traditional, digital, and hybrid organs.

We Can Repair And Service Any Pipe Organ

At Whitesel Church Organs, we can service and repair any pipe organ. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. From the installation of your new pipe organ to the maintenance and tuning that you may need through the years, Whitesel Church Organs is here to help. We can even repair and rebuild your organ if it becomes damaged or needs service due to normal wear and tear. We are a full-service organ company. Whether you are in need of a new pipe organ for your church, you are interested in a rental, or you need an experienced professional to rebuild or repair your organ, Whitesel Church Organs is the company to call. Reach out to us today for all of your pipe organ needs.

Whitesel Church Organs Has Offices In The Following Locations:

  • Virginia

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Maryland

  • West Virginia

  • New York

  • Connecticut

  • North Carolina

Pipe Organ Repair and Tuning

Pipe Organ Maintenance Contracts

At Whitesel Church Organs, we offer a pipe organ maintenance contract which includes regular maintenance check-ins and tunings. With this contract, you can rest assured that your organ is being maintained and taken care of by the people who know organs best.

Pipe Organ Repair

At Whitesel Church Organs, we can repair virtually any organ. Whether your church has a traditional, digital, or hybrid organ, we can have it up and running like new again in no time. We have extensive experience handling both small and big repairs.

Pipe Organ Tuning

We understand that you always want your pipe organ to sound it’s best. That’s why we offer organ tuning. This can also be purchased as a part of our maintenance contract so that you can be sure that your organ is always in tune.


Pipe Organ Rebuilds

If you have an older pipe organ or one that requires more specialized attention, at Whitesel Church Organs, we can rebuild any component of your pipe organ from pipes, bellows, organ blowers, and more.

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Digital Organ Repair

At Whitesel Church Organs, we have been in business since 1948. We have worked on just about every make and model of digital organ there is — even those that claim they can only be worked on by the original manufacturer. In fact, we can typically complete these repairs faster and at a more affordable rate than the organ manufacturers, and you get the benefit of working with a local organ servicer who is dedicated to providing you with an unbeatable customer experience.

Whether you have a digital organ, electronic organ, tonewheel, or another type of organ, Whitesel Church Organs can help. Reach out to us today and ask about our digital organ repair services.

Organ Rental

Whether you’re in need of an organ for a children’s choir performance, a music festival, or another reason, you can find this beautiful instrument to rent at Whitesel Church Organs. We rent digital organs, viscount organs, and pipe organs. We’ll even deliver and set up your organ at your location. If you are interested in renting an organ, we’ll need to know which type of organ you’re interested in, the location of the venue, the length of the rental, and the type of venue, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Contact Whitesel Church Organs today to rent a digital, pipe, or viscount organ.

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Viscount Organ Sales

Viscount is the gold standard when it comes to digital organs. These Italian-made organs combine old-world craftsmanship with precision manufacturing, making them the number-one digital organ manufacturer in the world. At Whitesel Church Organs, we sell Viscount organs because they uphold their employees and the quality of their products to the highest standard just like we do. When you purchase a Viscount organ, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality instrument that your congregation will enjoy for years to come.

Quality, Used Pipe Organ Sales

At Whitesel Church Organs, we also offer a selection of used pipe organs for sale. The instruments that we have for sale are inspected and maintained by our organ experts, so you can always trust that you are receiving a quality instrument.

If you are interested in purchasing a digital organ or a traditional pipe organ, but are searching for a lower price, buying a high-quality used organ from Whitesel Church Organs may be the answer. Reach out to our team today to learn more about the inventory we have in stock.

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Custom-Built Pipe Organs

At Whitesel Church Organs, we don’t just sell and repair organs. We can also custom-build a pipe organ for your church or organization. We always begin by getting to know each of our customers, your needs, and your goals. We then design and build you the pipe organ that you’ve always dreamed of. And, we don’t just install the organ — we’ll be here for any repairs, maintenance, or tuning that you may need in the future. When you choose Whitesel Church Organs, you’re forming a life-long relationship with a company who loves your organ just as much as you do.

At Whitesel Church Organs,

We’re Here for All Your Organ Needs

Whether you are in need of a new digital organ, a traditional pipe organ, or an expert to maintain, repair, and tune your organ, we can handle it all. At Whitesel Church Organs, we’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining organs for more than 70 years. You won’t find another company who is more knowledgeable or dedicated to ensuring the happiness of their customers than at Whitesel Church Organs.

If you are in need of organ service, repairs, installation, or sales, reach out to our team of organ experts today.

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