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Physis® Technolgy

Duplicating the finest sounds of the world with the technology of the future

Workmanship and innovation make Viscount an industry leader. Their proprietary Physis® technology is the culmination of 10+ years of research and development. It's important to realize space and volume are the main architectural elements affecting an organ's sound. Because of this each hand-made pipe varies in height, thickness, design, and imperfection. As a result, each pipe speaks differently within its environment. Using Physis®, Viscount has perfectly reproduced the sound, ambience, and configuration of iconic organs from around the world.

Let's get technical! Physis® bridges the gap between architecture and sound by implementing an advanced multi-processor platform. This results in unrivaled calculation power. The DSP array architecture features state-of-the-art floating-point SHARC® Processors by Analog Devices. Each processor is capable of 2.4 GFLOPS peak performance. With up to 8 SHARC® Processors, Physis® can send and process over 12 Billion instructions per second. In short, Physis® provides the power to accomplish what digital sampling simply cannot.


Physis creates a perfect reproduction of the original sound

Unlike outdated modeling technology that stores audio samples, Physis® rebuilds each sound using complex algorithms. To physically model sound, Physis® measures an organ’s natural physical attributes, plus its interaction within its environment. This results in a warmer, natural-feeling, and ever-changing sound, just like the organ used for the model. Moreover, Physis® allows your instrument to be adjusted for acoustically deprived environments and accommodate the desires of even the most discerning organist.


It must be remembered, windblown pipes are hand-built and unique. This means each pipe interacts differently in its environment. Viscount’s patented Physis® technology recreates how a pipe organ sounds, as well as how one acts. This is due to an investment of over $5,000,000 from a team of over 40 engineers, plus extensive cooperation with 3 European Universities.

It's true that sampled sound technology has been the standard in digital organs for over 25 years. Regardless, Physis® technology is the future of digital organ modeling. Whereas our competitors can only offer you sampled sound technology; Whitesel empowers you to do so much more.

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Reproduction without the use of stored digital samples

Physis® Technology allows Viscount organs to reproduce sound waves identical to those of a 'traditional' pipe organ. To clarify, each sound wave has its own autonomy, individuality, and unique characteristics. Unlike sampled sound technologies, Viscount’s UNICO and SONUS instruments reproduce each note’s sound wave without “breaks” or “split-points." As such, the progression of sound across the keyboard is accurate, smooth and natural.

The shape of Physis® pipe organ sound waves are open. To that end users have the ability to edit, modify, and extend their structure. This results in a tri-dimensional sound like a 'traditional' pipe organ. Unlike older sampling technologies, Physis® 'speaks,' with “Left-to-Right," “Front-to-Back,” and “Up and Down” motion, just as they would in windblown pipes.

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Physis creates a perfect reproduction of the original sound

Are you looking for the exact sound of a famous pipe organ? Viscount gives you access to any organ in the world! First Physis® physically models sound by measuring an organ’s natural physical attributes, and its interaction within its environment. Next Physis® rebuilds that sound using complex algorithms, not storing samples like other outdated technologies. The result is a dynamic sound, identical to the original organ used for the model.

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