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Hybrid Organs

Obtain The Pipe Organ You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Let Whitesel Church Organs develop the perfect hybrid pipe organ for your organization. Don't allow your space or budget to prevent you from acquiring the pipe organ of your dreams!

A Hybrid Pipe Organ:

  • Combines digitally-voiced pipes and organically-voiced pipes.

  • Produces a sound indiscernible from wholly organic pipe organs.

  • Adds stops to organs without space to support more pipes.

  • Offers more stops for less money than creating new pipes.

What Is A Hybrid Pipe Organ?

A hybrid pipe organ combines existing physical pipe organ pipes with digitally voiced stops. As such, your pipe organ is optimized in every way to provide multi-faceted flexibility to your space. Ultimately you’re able to accomplish more by adding digital stops that your current space cannot physically support.

How Our Hybrid Organs Work

Organists may think a hybrid pipe organ seems too good to be true. Although we can guarantee it is as amazing as it sounds, we understand you might be skeptical! It's important to realize that each pipe organ is unique because the sound changes in accordance to what’s being played. Furthermore, the anatomy of your particular instrument will effect your organ's sound. For example, most simple digital organs use static samples to produce tones. This is absolutely nothing compared to the hybrid and digital organs we provide at Whitesel Church Organs. That's because our hybrid and digital pipe organs utilize cutting edge Physis® technology created by the experts at Viscount Organs.

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 11.13.56 AM.png

Physis® Technology

Most digital pipe organs use static, one dimensional samples to replicate the iconic sound of a pipe organ. For this reason, most organists know the basic keyboard 'pipe organ' setting merely sounds like the hollow shell of a pipe organ. For this reason Physis® does not merely sample a pipe organ’s sound, it physically models the vast array of soundwaves an organ produces.

What does it mean to physically model the soundwaves of a pipe? The best way to paraphrase what Viscount has created is to examine their Physis® technology.

First, they compare the basic sound samples from your average digital organ to a two dimensional drawing. You can 'see' the general idea from the image, but you can only view one flat side.

Next, they compare their Physis® technology to a three dimensional image. Accordingly, you can see every aspect of the image, inside and out, with much more detail than you could from a basic drawing or sketch.

In relation to the organ this means you’re going to have one, static, partially authentic sound for each stop on your organ.  With Physis® technology, each stop’s varied sounds have been physically modeled and incorporated into a sophisticated algorithm.

Because of this technology, accurate pipe organ sounds are produced based on how the organ is played, not just the notes that are played. What are some features of Physis® technology that enable it to create sounds that are indiscernible from organic pipes?

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 11.33.12 AM.png
Pipes copy.jpg
Space Modeling.png
Variable Attack.png
Ensemble Effect Rep.png
Variable Air Pressure.png
Tracker Toucher.png

Space Modeling

Physis® uses space modeling to create an amazing sounding hybrid or digital organ. This allows you to choose the type of space your organ is in, as well as the material that it’s made of. For this reason you can tailor your organ to suit the needs of your space and accurately produce the perfect sound for your environment.


Variable Attack

An awesome feature of the pipe organ is how any particular note will have nuanced changes in sound when it’s played repeatedly. With this in mind the Physis® algorithm produces the effect of variable attack in real time, as you play.



Ensemble Effect Replication

Furthermore you can experience the ensemble effect with Physis® technology powering your pipe organ. This technology accounts for all of the nuanced tuning shifts and character pipe organ enthusiasts love about the instrument.


Variable Air Pressure And Wind Chest Configuration

Pipe organs utilize wind chests to make their sound. Therefore it was essential for Physis® to incorporate the sounds and effects that occur in an 'organic' organ as a result of these physical components. Viscount has made it possible to select how many wind chests are powering your pipe organ. Pairing this with the intensity of the pressure changes for the instrument, and how robustly the simulated blowers operate results in a more natural-sounding playing experience!

Tracker Toucher

Finally we’re going to discuss the tracker toucher. When using a hybrid organ from Whitesel Church Organs, the

simulated stops will alter the resistance of the keys based on how the relevant stops are adjusted.


Whitesel Church Organs

Long story short, if you want more out of your existing pipe organ, you should seriously consider upgrading to a hybrid organ. Not only can you can keep your existing instrument, add stops, and expand the possibilities for more musical expression in your space, you will also enhance your church's worship experience by utilizing industry-leading technology!

What’s more, at Whitesel Church Organs, we’re wholly dedicated to keeping pipe organ artistry alive and well. Because of this we strive to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible for our clients.

Please contact us today via the form below if you’re interested in upgrading to a hybrid organ, or you're inspired to invest in a new digital organ. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process, answer any questions and concerns, and get you started with us!

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