Congratulations to Mt. Nebo Lutheran Church on the purchase of their new Viscount Organ with Physis® Technology!

Whitesel Church Organs has replaced an Aging Organ that Mt. Nebo purchased from us many years ago. We are so happy to provide them, AGAIN, with the NEW standard of state-of-the-art technology with Viscount. Their quaint sanctuary has been outfitted with a Viscount SONUS 245 powered by Physis® Technology & and a fully customized speaker system.

While this specific organ does not have the largest console, it’s sound engine is one of the most advanced in the industry. SONUS organs are powered by Viscount’s Physis® Technology. Physis® uses advanced computer algorithms to replicate the distinct and subtle sounds of a pipe organ in real time. When designing the custom speaker systems for our church customers, our design is based on the layout and configuration of that specific sanctuary so that the Physis® models speak optimally in that room. We have found that working closely with the church allows us to provide the best design. It is often the small church installations like Mt. Nebo that we enjoy the most.

This little organ is more powerful, flexible, and advanced than most digital organs twice its size, due to the power of Physis® Technology. Read more for a few reasons…

1) Every single stop (not just a select few like some competitors) on the organ can be changed to a different voice in the library with the touch of a button.

2) Every voice’s attack, release, tuning variation, etc. are affected with life like realism based on how the organist is playing. This isn’t a randomizer like in sampled sound organs, but instead changes based on real and proven physical phenomena that happens in a pipe organs’ windchest as it’s played.

3) The organist can modify physical characteristics of every voice in the organ such as scaling, height of mouth opening, air pressures, etc. with the touch of a button to get a customized sound made to their exacting specifications with just the touch of a button.

4) As improvements are made to the organ sound and new features are created, the organ can be easily updated by inserting a flash thumb drive.

5) This organ has over 1,200 voices in the Physis® voice library available to it.

There are many other reasons you should choose Whitesel Church Organs and Viscount Organ with Physis® Technology, but we’ll just let these sink in for a while…

If your church is considering purchasing a new organ, call Whitesel Church Organs today. Our Viscount Organs with Physis® Technology truly are state-of-the-art instruments that empower the organists in ways that were once unimaginable in digital organs.