1. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Custom Console Installation and Voicing

    The new Custom Viscount Organ Console with Physis Technology has been permanently installed in the sanctuary.  A special movable platform was created for use at concerts. The Viscount Organ also has an adjustable bench that's simple and easy to move.  We also made the side panel of the organ match the window pane design found in the pews throughout the sanctuary. The keys are Viscount's new and …Read More

  2. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Transept Speaker Install

    The transepts of St. John's provided us with an excellent opportunity to expand the soundscape of the organ out into the sanctuary.  Just behind the transept on the left side is the swell chamber, and on the right, what was once intended to be a pipe choir chamber.  When designing this system, we envisioned what the organ would have sounded like and what stops would be heard from each of the loc…Read More

  3. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Front Beam Speaker Install

    Here are pictures during and after the installation of the front beam speakers and Zimbelstern for the Cavaille-Coll inspired Custom Viscount Organ. While the back beam speakers will provide an antiphonal and trumpet en chamade, these front beam speakers will be our take on an Ethereal Organ without the actual division, and also play all the non-organ 'orchestral' voices. We caught some great sh…Read More