The entire order of custom Walker Technical Speaker Cabinets was delivered to the church.  These speakers, and the specific way they will be wired and positioned, are the secret ingredient behind Viscount’s Physis Technology.  In conjunction with the Physis Technology Platform, these speakers will create an incredible amount of movement throughout the sanctuary.  When the new organ is played, you will hear stops moving from left to right, forward and backward, and up and down, with incredible clarity and realism.


Above are a few pictures of the speaker cabinets being unloaded.  In the first picture, Andrew (organ and piano service/tuning apprentice) and Dylan (marketing manager), assist with taking the boxes inside.  In the 2nd picture, you will see Ian assisting Joshua Dove, CEO/President of Whitesel Church Organs as well.  Note that both Dylan and Ian are the upcoming FOURTH generation in the business.  They have a genuine interest with working in the industry, and we are especially excited to have them involved on this special project.

Below is one of the three subwoofers used in this installation.  It will give an incredible clarity to some of the lowest frequencies of organ.  Many people don’t realize that it’s actually the pedal notes of the organ that drive congregational hymn singing.  We often see churches purchase a new organ from one of our competitors with an incredible console, but the installation lacks the proper and appropriate sound system.  After all, isn’t the sound what matters most?  Whitesel Church Organs has many options for sound systems, so don’t think your church must have one of these large speakers in order to get favorable results.  As we have done with St. John’s Episcopal Church, your organ and sound system will be built entirely to your personal specifications and needs.

These speakers were chosen to give us the best and closest voicing to the current Austin Pipe Organ.  This Custom Viscount Organ powered by Physis Technology will feature an all digital Cavaille-Coll inspired voicing, a baroque organ, an english organ, and a magnificent hybrid American Organ, using the existing Austin pipes as the base for our instrument.


Here are all the speaker cabinets from Walker Technical Company, along with the rackmount for the amps.