Once the speakers arrived, we began the installation in the chambers.  Each speaker front is removed from it’s outer box encasement.  For the most secure and stable permanent placement of Walker Technical Company speakers, we first attach each speaker box, and then reinsert the speaker fronts.  This method gives optimum stability.  Below is that process taking shape…


Each speaker serves a unique and independent purpose.  Through Viscount’s Physis Technology, these speakers will emanate sound in a way that seeks to replicate a pipe organ.


Once completed with the mid/treble speakers, we then placed the 200 pound Walker Technical Company subwoofer cabinet.


Choir Speakers…


2nd Great Chamber…


Swell Chamber…


Once Andrew is finished with his 1st class wiring job, we reinstall the swell shades that will control the volume of the pipes, and then finally reinstall all pipes in the swell chamber, including some repaired and re-voiced pipes.  This will be Viscount’s largest Hybrid Organ / Combination Organ in North America when complete.