Before we can install the Walker Technical Speaker Cabinets, we had to construct additional chamber space.  Currently, the entire Austin Pipe Organ is located on the left side of the church.  Our intention is to vastly increase the soundscape of the organ.  This will require sound to come from the right side of the sanctuary as well.  We are also improving the range of the new organ by increasing the vertical plane of the sound by placing certain ranks of the organ up high in the transepts and also on a ceiling beam.  Below is a basic illustration of our design, without giving away specific proprietary information about Physis Technology by Viscount and speaker design.  You’ll have to pardon us for not going too in depth. Our competitors have been very interested in what we do lately, and how exactly we are capable of accomplishing such an incredible result…


There will also be an antiphonal organ and trumpet en chamade located on a beam in the rear of the church.  Pictured below is the construction of our additional chambers on the right side being built.  This will help direct sound out into the sanctuary.  It will also hide all speakers and wiring from being visible to anyone.  When complete, the chamber space will look like it was ‘always there’, and not obtrusive to anyone.  We also coat the chambers in special black paint that makes for a wonderfully reflective surface.  It also reduces the chance you will see inside the chambers should direct light hit it.  Remember, the special speaker cloth we use in the chamber fronts is slightly translucent in order for the sound to properly escape.


Choir Chamber


One of two Great Chambers