Whitesel Church Organs has been servicing and repairing electronic organs of all makes and models since 1948. If you respect and trust your neighborhood independent mechanic who has been working on all makes and models of cars for his entire life, then Whitesel would be the place to go for your digital organ.

Some organ manufacturers state that they are the only source for repairs. While in some specific instances this is the case (and we’ll let you know when it is), in the vast majority of situations, it is not. In fact, some manufacturers will go to great lengths to discredit any independent technical repair company by any means necessary.


Whitesel Church Organs has competent repair technicians and facilities to repair and rebuild amplifiers, power supplies, switching systems, capture actions, contact boards, and even computer and motherboards. And, we guarantee our work for one year.

Luckily for Whitesel, today’s consumers are educated about their options and understand that there is no longer only one source for anything anymore in this world. If you’re still not sure, we’d be happy to give you a few names of over 10,000 happy repair customers. Call or e-mail us right away with your digital or analog organ repair needs.