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Thanks for spending some of your time with Whitesel Church Organs, and thanks for coming back to our blog! If you’re a new reader, we keep it simple here by discussing the pipe organ in general, the pipe organ services that we offer, as well as our company and interesting information about it.

In today’s blog, we’re going to bring it back to basics by discussing one of the services we offer and excel at, but is little-known by our customers and followers — our pipe organ rebuilding services. 

An Overview Of Our Pipe Organ Rebuilding Services

As an aspect of our pipe organ tuning and repair services, we offer pipe organ rebuilding services for you to take advantage of. However, this begs the question, “What do Whitesel Church Organs’ pipe organ rebuilding services entail?” Here’s the fastest answer we can give to that question:

The intention of our pipe organ rebuilding services is to provide a solution to pipe organ owners who need to repair or replace aspects of their pipe organs, but are hesitant to invest in a shiny, new part. In most areas, people jump at a chance to replace an older, worn-out, or defective aspect of their machine, work system, etc. But, it’s much different for pipe organ owners. Why? Simply because pipe organs aren’t your average, mass-produced goods. 

Each and every single pipe organ in the world is one-of-a-kind. Each organ was specially designed to perfectly compliment a particular acoustic space, and the internal aspects of those organs directly contribute to helping the instrument accomplish its goal. That’s not to say you can’t get a replacement part for your existing organ, but instead, there is this sense of familiarity, trust, and appreciation of those original pipe organ bellows, organ blowers, etc., even if they’re no longer functioning properly.

The Benefits Of Pipe Organ Rebuilds

Now that you have an understanding of what our pipe organ rebuilding services entail, let’s dive into some of the situations where you could greatly benefit from rebuilding aspects of your organ rather than replacing those aspects.

Bring New Life To Old Pipes

We briefly covered this above, but (at least from our point of view) one of the most incredible aspects of a pipe organ rebuild is that you’re able to, in essence, revive your existing pipe organ components to match your instrument’s needs. We’ve had countless occasions where a client’s bellows were in need of replacement, and we were able to rebuild incredible bellows using the components from their existing set up. They came away ecstatic at the fact that they were able to hold onto these parts of their organ that had been around for generations, and at that point almost felt like an heirloom within their parish. 

Save Money By Renovating, Not Replacing

Another obvious benefit of having your broken or damaged pipe organ parts rebuilt rather than replaced is that, 9 out of 10 times, you’re going to save money. Pipe organs are by no means cheap and having new parts created for your specific instrument, from scratch, is going to be pricey. Not to mention, the sheer scale of an organ blower replacement or sizeable pipe replacement would be expensive exclusively for the materials required, let alone the process of meticulously crafting the niche technology.

With a rebuild from Whitesel Church Organs, we take what exists of your broken or damaged pipe organ parts and rebuild them to the point where they operate as good as new! We have years of experience in rebuilding pipe organ parts, and even more experience getting to intimately understand a plethora of different pipe organ setups, meaning we’re more than equipped to help you.

Finally, at Whitesel Church Organs, we’re extremely passionate about the pipe organ. From its amazing history, to the engineering marvel that it is, to the incredible organists and organ enthusiasts we’ve met doing our work, we’ve solidified our belief that the pipe organ is a vital part of culture, and we’re wholly dedicated to ensuring that it lives on and continues to grace the world as long as possible. With this in mind we approach every single job we take on, and that’s why you can trust that we’re going to give you the best prices we possibly can, every time. 

We don’t want anyone to be deterred from or unable to embrace the pipe organ, so we strive to make our services accessible and effective.

Whitesel Church Organs

At Whitesel Church Organs, we offer an array of pipe organ services that work to keep pipe organs alive and thriving in this new decade and beyond. If you have a pipe organ that is in need of a rebuild, or you’re interested in our other pipe organ services like maintenance or installation, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you started with us.