1. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Delivery of Walker Technical Speaker Cabinets

    The entire order of custom Walker Technical Speaker Cabinets was delivered to the church.  These speakers, and the specific way they will be wired and positioned, are the secret ingredient behind Viscount’s Physis Technology.  In conjunction with the Physis Technology Platform, these speakers will create an incredible amount of movement throughout the sanctuary.  When the new organ is played,…Read More

  2. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Acoustical Cloth Replacement

    The first step in the installation of this Viscount and Austin Organ Hybrid is updating the acoustical cloth located behind the beautiful plaster filigree panels of the chambers.  The current cloth material is a heavy drape, and not the best type of material to transmit sound.  Here is the before... As you can see, the fabric was worn, and certainly dated.  It served the church well for many ye…Read More

  3. Pipe Repair Underway on St. John’s Church Austin Organ Pipes

    While the organ overall is in excellent condition due to regular maintenance and previous repairs, some of the pipes of this organ needed some work to get it back to 100%.  Our dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced staff have begun the process of bringing some of the ranks of pipes back to their original condition.  Here is a rank of Bourdon Pipes we have since refelted... As you can see, th…Read More

  4. Largest Viscount Organ in North America to be Installed this Summer

    The largest Viscount Organ in North America will be installed at St. John's Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, VA. The organ will include a completed restoration of their Austin Pipe Organ, to also become Viscount's largest hybrid organ. We are honored to announce that this summer we will be installing the largest organ in the 67 year, three generation history of our firm at St. John's Episcopal Chur…Read More

  5. The JMU Symphony Orchestra Proudly Presents Guilmant’s Symphony No. 2 for Organ & Orchestra with Viscount’s Custom Regent Organ

    When it came to showcasing an organ with their symphony, JMU chose a Regent Classic with Viscount's Patented Physis Technology.  Below you will find details of the concert program, and info about the phenomenal organist. Custom Regent Classic Organ with Viscount's Patented Physis Technology provided by Whitesel Church Organs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…Read More

  6. Music and the Holidays

    Several things come to mind when you think about the upcoming holidays; the blessings we have all received the past year, excellent food and festive music! Although not everyone celebrates Christmas or Thanksgiving, one of the things we can all appreciate are the sounds of the season. Every year, Macy's in Philadelphia hosts a concert that features their Wanamaker Organ, Pete Conte, and the Philad…Read More

  7. Noroton Presbyterian – Installation Update

    The Noroton Presbyterian installation is coming along nicely! Our skilled staff have been in Connecticut since Sunday ensuring this wonderful congregation gets their new organ up and running for this Sundays service! Bellow are some pictures of the church and the installation.…Read More

  8. Happy Tuesday!

    We're already almost half way through the week! Hopefully this video brightens your day just a little bit. Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach being performed on a Viscount Organ in Paris, France!…Read More

  9. Viscount Dealer Meeting a Success!

    Whitesel Church Organs is excited to have completed the first ever Viscount dealer meeting! Over 20 dealers attended from around the world, and Franco Luzi, the president of Viscount, flew in from Italy to participate in the event. We were fortunate to host this group of amazing people in our home state of Virginia, and look forward to many more of these events in the future. Although our company …Read More