1. The 4 Finest Pipe Organs in the World

    The pipe organ is one of the most grandiose and interesting instruments because of their large size and demanding nature when it comes to playing successfully. Since each one is unique and beautiful in its own way, we decided to write about some of the most famous and largest pipe organs in the world. Contact Whitesel Church Organs today for your New York pipe organ, and read on to learn more! Cat…Read More

  2. Pedalboard Introduction

    What’s the main difference between a pianist and an organist? Obviously, there are many - but organists have to focus on playing an entire pedalboard with their feet! That’s why many people shy away from mastering such an incredible instrument. Today, we’d like to discuss the pedalboard of the pipe organ and some tips and tricks to conquering this challenge! Shoes As an organist, your shoes …Read More

  3. Fun Facts About Church Organs

    When it comes to finding a new church organ for your New York church, there is no better team to call than the professionals at Whitesel Church Organs. We are here to help you choose the perfect organ for your church and congregation, as well as help you install it into your sanctuary. When it comes to learning about church organs, however, there are some fun facts that many people don’t know! W…Read More

  4. How Does Organ Tuning Work?

    We at Whitesel Church Organs are happy to help you with whatever your pipe organ needs may be, whether you are in need of a new organ or tuning. Give us a call today so we can help you! We are proud to serve Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and the northeast region. Our professionals can help you with your tuning. If you’ve ever wondered how organ tuning works, read on to learn more! As you may …Read More

  5. Understanding Scales Part 2

    Welcome back! In our previous blog, Understanding Scales, we discussed the basic structure of a scale, the intervals between the notes of a scale, as well as what makes a scale major or minor. Today, we would like to talk about a few non-traditional scales, including the harmonic minor, melodic minor, and pentatonic scales. After that, we will share a little bit about transposing a piece. The Harm…Read More

  6. Understanding Scales

    When it comes to playing the church organ successfully, it can take years and years and practice. However, we know that with a lot of determination and passion, you will be able to play incredible organ pieces in no time at all. One of the foundational pieces of understanding music theory is mastery of the scales! While some of you may have a clear understanding of scales and how they pertain to m…Read More

  7. The History of the Pipe Organ

    We at Whitesel Church Organs believe that creating music is one of the best ways to praise God. Our goal is to help you find the perfect pipe organ to bring your congregation together to learn about the Lord and praise Him. Hydraulis You know about the amazing sound an organ can produce, but how much do you know about this instrument’s origins? It’s almost impossible to know exactly when an in…Read More

  8. Transitioning from Piano to Church Organ

    Perhaps you’ve been playing piano for years and you are ready to try something new, or maybe your current church organist has left and you feel the need to help. Whatever the reason, you have decided to learn how to play the church organ. Here are a few pieces of advice we at Whitesel Church Organs would like to share with you to make your new learning adventure enjoyable: The Pedals Take time t…Read More

  9. How Do Pipe Organs Work?

    We all know the feeling of awe that washes over us as we walk into the sanctuary of a beautiful church. Amidst the splendor, most people notice the large organ placed at the front of the sanctuary. If your church uses a pipe organ, you are accustomed to the sound - but, do you know how these organs work? Whistles, Stops, and Pedals As strange as it may seem, a pipe organ is essentially a very larg…Read More

  10. St. John’s Hybrid Austin/Viscount Organ Update: Custom Console Installation and Voicing

    The new Custom Viscount Organ Console with Physis Technology has been permanently installed in the sanctuary.  A special movable platform was created for use at concerts. The Viscount Organ also has an adjustable bench that's simple and easy to move.  We also made the side panel of the organ match the window pane design found in the pews throughout the sanctuary. The keys are Viscount's new and …Read More