Wiring Interface to Junction

Here, we are replacing all the old wiring of the pipe organ with new, and merging an existing pipe organ to a brand new custom designed Viscount Organ Console.

If you have a functioning pipe organ but need more flexibility, let Whitesel Church Organs convert your pipe organ to a hybrid organ! We also perform complete pipe organ rebuilds, so if your existing pipe organ needs repair, and you want to create a new hybrid organ all at once, Whitesel Church Organs can perform this complex project with ease.

A hybrid organ is essentially a pipe organ that has digital stops added to it. This allows for more substance, flexibility, and most importantly, empowerment. It is far less costly than adding additional ranks of windblown pipes and can save the church tens of thousands of dollars. Physis® Technology empowers organists and musicians by giving them more expressive control over the instrument and matching the exact tonal makeup of the existing pipe organ. Physically modeled voices powered by Viscount’s Physis® Technology provide the same effect of more pipes, but is much more cost effective.

This allows you to keep your beautiful pipe organ exactly how it is while vastly expanding your library of voices. The pipe organ pipes will still function and play as they always have. The Viscount Pipe Organ Interface features a patented tuning system that monitors temperature changes, as well as listening for speech changes. This system adjusts the digital stop to be in tune with the pipe work and adjusts speech changes that result in temperature and barometric pressure changes. No other company has this ability, and most companies simply rely on temperature alone to keep an organ in tune. This double-monitoring system is by far the most successful and pleasing arrangement available. For more information, call or e-mail us right away.