1. The Process of Tuning A Pipe Organ

    Pipe organs are best known for their towering pipes, large consoles, foot pedals, and their thunderous sounds. But despite their enormous size, these instruments are actually rather delicate, and tuning them is an exercise in precision and patience. In today’s blog, the pipe organ tuning specialists at Whitesel Church Organs will discuss some of the elements of the pipe organ tuning process. The…Read More

  2. Different Types Of Organ Pipes

    One of the most notable characteristics of the pipe organ is its ability to produce an amazing array of sounds and noises. This is thanks to the variety of pipe designs and styles that are placed into the instrument. The organ’s sounds quality, or “timbre” is shaped by the length and width of the pipe, its shape and position within the instrument, and the shape materials of construction. In …Read More

  3. Understanding Organ Shoes

    For most organ players, it’s not surprising that there is a complete line of specialized clothing and gear just for playing the organ. But newer players, and those only passingly familiar with the pipe organ, are often surprised to find that there is a shoe designed solely for playing the organ. But what are these special shoes and how are they different from regular shoes? Read on to find out m…Read More

  4. Anatomy Of The Pipe Organ

    When we think anatomy, we often think of high school textbooks showing cross-sections of stomachs, and skeletons. But like humans, every organ is unique in how they look and behave. Despite these difference, like humans, they share the same parts to create that unique look and sound. Whitesel Organ Churches is ready to teach you the anatomy of the pipe organ. Read on to find out more! Anatomy 101 …Read More

  5. What Does it Mean to “Pull Out All The Stops?”

    It’s a phrase we’ve all heard at one point. It might have been during the height of a dramatic movie, or a sports commentator after a stellar play on the field. “They’ve really pulled out all the stops.” But if you play the pipe organ, this phrase has a very different meaning. Join Whitesel Church Organs as we explore the history of this phrase, and how it’s used in the common parlance…Read More

  6. The History of the Pipe Organ

    We at Whitesel Church Organs believe that creating music is one of the best ways to praise God. Our goal is to help you find the perfect pipe organ to bring your congregation together to learn about the Lord and praise Him. Hydraulis You know about the amazing sound an organ can produce, but how much do you know about this instrument’s origins? It’s almost impossible to know exactly when an in…Read More

  7. How Do Pipe Organs Work?

    We all know the feeling of awe that washes over us as we walk into the sanctuary of a beautiful church. Amidst the splendor, most people notice the large organ placed at the front of the sanctuary. If your church uses a pipe organ, you are accustomed to the sound - but, do you know how these organs work? Whistles, Stops, and Pedals As strange as it may seem, a pipe organ is essentially a very larg…Read More